Utility Work Ahead

We have an Electrical Contractor installing 6 miles of line on ‘M’ Road, going from Hwy 66A to Hwy 43 and Stagecoach Road (South of Bennet). This line supplies power to both Douglas and Bennet.

The construction will start on Monday October 19th and is to be completed in January of 2021. Should an outage be required during this process we will do our best to inform you before hand.

Update 10/16/2020 We are upgrading the system to make it better and more reliable. The new line is expected to strengthen the services in this area, along with the installation of larger insulators to allow longer distances, providing extended clearance. We will also be increasing the varmint protection around the insulators to prevent animals from tripping the conductors, along with putting wraps on the poles so squirrels and raccoons can’t climb the poles from the ground. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to provide the best quality service for the lowest possible cost.

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Planting Trees Makes A Difference And Impacts Us All

For the past several years we have partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation to offer Energy Saving Trees to our customers. Since 2013 customers have planted 598 trees. The projected impact of planting these trees benefits us all.

Thank you to all the customers who have participated in this program. We look forward to continuing this partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation thru the years to come.

If you missed getting your free trees thru this years spring program, you can still participate in our tree rebate program. Planting the right tree in the right place can save you energy and you can be reimbursed half the cost of one“Energy Saving Tree”. (up to $100)

Save Energy By Planting A Tree

Nebraska City Utilities recognizes the importance that trees play in our environment.  Trees provide shade that cools you and your living environment.  Trees absorb the sun’s energy from the surrounding air, and in the summertime, creates a cooling effect in and around your home.  Using the method of “Plant the Right Tree in the Right Place”, Nebraska City Utilities can help you create comfort and save energy by:

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Pole Top Rescue

Pole Top Rescue Training is part of our annual required safety training that all of our linemen complete every year. Crews are trained on how to save a fellow lineman should the need arise.
Here’s the scenario: A line man is working and becomes unconscious while up on the pole (due to an electrical jolt, health issues, etc.). Other crew members on site have moments to call for help, race up to the top of the pole and lower the injured person to the ground. One by one all of our crews practice strapping on their climbing gear, climb a 35 foot pole and safely rescue a life size dummy weighing approximately 185 lbs. The dummy must be secured with a rope before being safely lowered to the ground.  In an actual emergency,  coworkers would then perform basic first aid and CPR until first responders arrive.
Pole Top Rescue along with other Safety training courses ensure our linemen work in the safest manner possible and are equipped, trained and confident in their skills and equipment.

Electrical Outages



To report an outage any time (24/7), call Nebraska City Utilities at 402-873-3353
Remember that during storm season, many things can cause outages.  Wind, ice and damaged trees falling on the power lines.  If you see power lines on the ground, don’t touch it and call the Nebraska City Utilities immediately.

Some causes for electrical outages:


Lightning searches for the tallest object to serve as a conductor.  When lightning strikes electrical equipment, it causes loss of power. Continue reading “Electrical Outages”