Pole Top Rescue

Pole Top Rescue Training is part of our annual required safety training that all of our linemen complete every year. Crews are trained on how to save a fellow lineman should the need arise.
Here’s the scenario: A line man is working and becomes unconscious while up on the pole (due to an electrical jolt, health issues, etc.). Other crew members on site have moments to call for help, race up to the top of the pole and lower the injured person to the ground. One by one all of our crews practice strapping on their climbing gear, climb a 35 foot pole and safely rescue a life size dummy weighing approximately 185 lbs. The dummy must be secured with a rope before being safely lowered to the ground.  In an actual emergency,  coworkers would then perform basic first aid and CPR until first responders arrive.
Pole Top Rescue along with other Safety training courses ensure our linemen work in the safest manner possible and are equipped, trained and confident in their skills and equipment.

2018 Tree Line USA


Nebraska City Utilities named “2018 Tree Line USA” by Arbor Day Foundation

Nebraska City, Neb. (April 13, 2018) – The Arbor Day Foundation has named Nebraska City Utilities a 2018 Tree Line USA in honor of its commitment to proper tree pruning, planting and care in the provider’s service area.

Tree Line USA, a partnership between the Foundation and the National Association of State
Foresters, recognizes public and private utilities for pursuing practices that protect and enhance
America’s urban trees. Tree Line USA promotes the dual goals of delivering safe and reliable
electricity while maintaining health community forests.

“Trees are a critical part of urban landscapes all across the United States,” said Dan Lambe,
president of the Arbor Day Foundation. “Service providers like Nebraska City Utilities
demonstrate that it’s possible for trees and utilities to co-exist for the benefit of communities and

Nebraska City Utilities achieved Tree Line USA by meeting five program standards.  Utilities must follow industry standards for quality tree care; provide annual worker training in best tree-care practices; sponsor a tree-planting and public education program; maintain a tree-based energy conservation program; and participate in an Arbor Day celebration.

More information about Tree Line USA click here.

About Arbor Day Foundation: The Arbor Day Foundation is a million mermber nonprofit
conservation and education orgarnzation with the mission to inspire people to plant, nurture and
celebrate hees. More information on the Foundation and its programs can be found at arborday.org.


Click here for Tree Trimming Practices

For more information, contact:
Danny Cohn, 402-47 3-9563





Refrigerator & Freezer Recycling Program

Nebraska City Utilities would like to encourage the responsible and efficient use of electricity by providing its Refrigerator and Freezer Recycling Program which pays residents $35.00 to recycle old, inefficient refrigerators and freezers. This Program is being funded by the Nebraska City Utility Electric Department and its Program to develop wise conservation and efficiencies as part of its integrated Resource Plan for the Electric Department. The Rebate Program, is available to all current Residential Electric customers of Nebraska City Utilities and is limited to two appliances per customer. Recycling older, inefficient refrigerators and freezers accomplishes multiple benefits

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Air Conditioner Rebates


Nebraska City Utilities “Electric” customers are eligible for a $10.00 rebate for window air conditioners.
(Limit 2 per household)

To have $10.00 rebate applied to your account call our service department to make arrangements to have you old a/c unit picked up.


Electrical Outages



To report an outage any time (24/7), call Nebraska City Utilities at 402-873-3353
Remember that during storm season, many things can cause outages.  Wind, ice and damaged trees falling on the power lines.  If you see power lines on the ground, don’t touch it and call the Nebraska City Utilities immediately.

Some causes for electrical outages:


Lightning searches for the tallest object to serve as a conductor.  When lightning strikes electrical equipment, it causes loss of power. Continue reading “Electrical Outages”

Save Energy By Planting A Tree

Nebraska City Utilities recognizes the importance that trees play in our environment.  Trees provide shade that cools you and your living environment.  Trees absorb the sun’s energy from the surrounding air, and in the summertime, creates a cooling effect in and around your home.  Using the method of “Plant the Right Tree in the Right Place”, Nebraska City Utilities can help you create comfort and save energy by:

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Electrical Safety Classes

Our qualified electric serviceman gives educational electric safety to children in schools and/or organizations.

Our electric serviceman addresses electric safety inside and outside the home.  Some areas discussed are water and electricity, kite safety, and utility sub-station dangers.  He will also explain how we receive electricity to our homes and schools from that sub-station.  A safety film can be shown, activity safety sheets can be completed, and a time for questions and answers.  The kids really get involved and enjoy the program.  Please call our office if you would like to schedule a class.

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