Energy Assistance Agencies

If you are needing assistance with paying your utility bill, you may contact the following Energy Assistance Agencies. They may be able to help you. Dept. Health & Human Services – Contact person Liheap 1-800-383-4278 Nebraska City Ministerial Assoc MON-THURS 402-874-1513 Otoe County General Assistance & Veterans Svc. 402-873-9540 Central Navigation/Partners for Otoe co. /Children 402-969-0319 Southeast Nebraska Comm. Action – SENCA 402-297-7398 or 402-862-2411 LANCASTER Community Action- BENNET 402-471-4524 UNITED WAY OF MIDLANDS 211 or 402-372-8232 Catholic Social Service in Nebraska City -HOPE/Mondays 402-817-2753 Catholic Social Service in Auburn/Food Pantry -April 402-327-6242 Emergency Rental Assistance ERA- visit: or … Continue reading Energy Assistance Agencies