Bennet Outage Update

The outage from Friday night (Jan 10, 2020) in the Bennet area was a short notice scheduled outage. We apologize for the inconvenience but are thankful for a customer’s call that had us looking into a concern that led us in finding the fuse protection equipment was failing. In order for our crews to safely replace it the power outage to be scheduled. It was necessary to allow our crews to replace the fuse protection equipment right away to prevent a future unscheduled long-term outage and additional damages.

Crews were able to replace the equipment and restore the power in less than 30 minutes.  We are continually working to improve the stability of the power source in this area and appreciate your patience as we strive to provide the best possible service at the lowest possible cost. 

While some power outages are unexpected due to accidents, animals, lightning and trees some are due to equipment for maintenance, failure and/or the need to add addition equipment.

We are consistently working to improve the power source by updating and replacing equipment as well as adding varmint guards and pole wraps to deter animals from climbing the poles and causing unexpected outages. Along with adding lightning arresters and conductor guards, we have completed extensive tree trimming from the West side of the Sub Station in Syracuse (which provides the power to Unadilla, Palmyra, Douglas, Bennet  and all of the Rural customers along the way.

We welcome customer calls or messages at any time to report outages, submit concerns, ask questions, or to simply gain further understanding. We are not always able to answer the question right away but we strive to respond in a timely manner with the best possible accurate information.  You can reach us at or call our business office at 402-873-3353.