Electronic Funds Transfer

Are you busy juggling everything?  Tired of worrying about paying your bills on time?  Want to save money by avoiding late fees?  Nebraska City Utilities offers Electronic Funds Transfer so you can sit back and relax.  Your utility bill will be paid out of your bank account and you’ll still receive a copy of your statement each month as a reminder.  All new Electronic Funds transfer customers in the month of February will be entered into a drawing to win a prize you’re sure to love.  Contact us or call us at 873-3353 to find out how you can make the switch and be entered to win today!

Hot Tips For Winter

  • Winterize pipes when not in use.
  • During the winter months, your furnace will be running and windows will be shut.  So you need to install carbon monoxide detectors near your bedrooms.
  • Be cautious when using portable heaters.  Place them three feet away from anything flammable.  Never leave them running when you are gone or asleep.  Don’t let children or pets around the heaters, and never dry clothing or mittens on heaters.

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We Need Your Help

Criminals are getting away with a handful of copper and that could cause thousands of dollars in damages.  Nebraska City Utilities is asking for public assistance.  If you see anything that looks suspicious around a substation or power poles, please call 911.


Suspicious activity could include:
Bicycles, wagons, or four-wheelers near a substation fence.
People in or around a substation with duffel bags or backpack.
People in or around a substation without a hard hat.
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Refrigerator & Freezer Recycling Program

Nebraska City Utilities would like to encourage the responsible and efficient use of electricity by providing its Refrigerator and Freezer Recycling Program which pays residents $35.00 to recycle old, inefficient refrigerators and freezers. This Program is being funded by the Nebraska City Utility Electric Department and its Program to develop wise conservation and efficiencies as part of its integrated Resource Plan for the Electric Department. The Rebate Program, is available to all current Residential Electric customers of Nebraska City Utilities and is limited to two appliances per customer. Recycling older, inefficient refrigerators and freezers accomplishes multiple benefits

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Heating Tips and Assistance


Date October 5, 2017                                                       402-873-3353                                         

NEBRASKA CITY UTILITIES encourages winterizing your home to save on your natural gas & electric heating bill

With colder temperatures on the way, NEBRASKA CITY UTILITIES encourages its natural gas & electric customers to take some simple, low cost steps now to winterize homes and save money on heating bills by reducing natural gas and/or electric usage.

NEBRASKA CITY UTILITIES encourages homeowners to consider implementing some of these low-cost measures:

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Energy Saving Tips


  • Preheat oven only for baked foods that require precise temperatures such as breads, cookies, and cakes.  Casseroles, roasts, and broiled foods don’t need to go into a warm oven.
  • Vacuum the refrigerator coils twice a year.  Dirty coils make the refrigerator work harder and use more energy.
  • Turn your oven off about five minutes before cooking time is complete.
  • When a 1/4 inch layer of frost has accumulated, it is time to defrost.  Frost acts as an insulator and forces the appliance to work harder.
  • Clean the lint filter after every load of laundry.  This decreases the drying time and increases the airflow.
  • Use a covered pan to boil water.  It will use less energy and is much faster.
  • Use microwave ovens to save energy and reduce cooking time.
  • Consider washing and drying dishes by hand, rather than using a dishwasher.

When cooking – don’t continually open oven door to check on food, you lose 20% of your heat every time the door is opened.

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