Tips For Home Tree Planning and Planting 

Proper places for trees around homes.  Planning for the future.

Because different trees have different mature heights, pay special attention to where you plant each tree.  Planting the right tree in the right place will enhance your property value and prevent costly maintenance trimming or damage to your home.  Good landscaping utilizes shrubs and low-growing trees that are compatible with Nebraska City Utilities’ electric lines.  These “wire friendly” trees will not reach electric lines and, therefore, will help prevent power interruptions to you and your neighbors.

Windbreaks – Plant evergreen trees, which can serve as protection from the wind, on the west or north sides of the house, approximately 50 feet or more from the house.

Temperature – Plant deciduous (leaf dropping) trees on the south and/or west side of house to cool in the summer and allow the sun to enter the house in the winter.

Typical Wire Friendly Trees: Armur Maple, Hedge Maple, Serviceberry, Eastern Redbud,
Flowering Crabapple, Japanese Tree Lilac, and Thornless Cockspur Hawthorn.

Note: Planting tall-growing trees within Nebraska City Utilities’ rights-of-way (land over which NCU’s electric lines pass) will require us to trim trees to maintain proper clearance from electric wires.  This may result in the tree having an unnatural appearance.

Trees that grow 60 feet in height
You can use larger types of trees here, however, the tree planting should consider your neighbor’s view or his own planting of flower beds and trees.  Plant at least 35 feet away from house for proper root development and to minimize tree damage to house or building.

Trees that grow no taller than 40 feet.
This zone which takes in mostly lawn area is used to decorate or frame your house instead of hiding it from sight.  Select trees first, then plant shrubs to complement the trees.

Trees that grow no taller than 25 feet.
This zone ends 15 feet away from electric utility wires.

Tips for Planting Your Energy Saving Tree

Nebraska City Utilities Tree Trimming Practices