Natural Gas Pipelines In Your Community

Your safety and knowledge regarding Natural Gas are important to us. Please take a moment to read the following information about Natural Gas Awareness and Safety.



Dig Safely!!

If you plan to dig or move any earth, call 811 at least (2) two business days before digging so the Nebraska City Utilities can mark underground utility lines.

If you do not call and you hit an underground gas line, you could be injured, possibly fatally, your equipment could be damaged. You may also be held liable for costly damages to our system

Here are some simple excavation safety steps:

  • Survey and Mark – Survey proposed excavation areas and mark the dig sites in white paint or with white flags
  • Call before You Dig – It is the law! At least two business days prior to starting work – call NE One-Call at 811
  • Wait the Required Time – Allow Nebraska City Utilities the time to locate and mark the lines
  • Respect the Marks – Maintain visibility of the marks and safely follow them when digging
  • Dig with Care – Hand excavate within 18-inches plus ½ the width of the size of the pipeline on each side

If Your Equipment Contacts a Gas Line:

  • Leave equipment; don’t turn off engines or generators
  • Warn others and leave the area quickly
  • Do not operate any gas pipeline valves or try stop the flow of gas
  • Leave the excavation open
  • In a natural gas emergency, call 911 first, then the Nebraska City Utilities at (402) 873-3353 and then report the damage to NE One-Call by calling 811

The Nebraska City Utilities will be onsite during excavation if necessary.

If you have any questions, please contact (402) 873-3353.