Gas Leak Detection

Nebraska City Utilities will check for gas leaks at anytime, day or night, at no charge to the customer.

Our customers are urged to call as soon as they think they smell gas in or around their homes.

Gas leak calls take preference over most anything else. Regardless of when the call comes in, night or day, we will get someone right on it. There is no charge for the call. Our customers’ safety is our number one concern.

When an employee goes on a gas leak call, he checks everything over very carefully; the appliances and piping. He also probes the ground at the riser, and does not leave until he has found something, or is certain there is not a problem.

If a problem is found, it will be isolated, or in some instances the gas may be shut off to the home, for safety reasons. The customer is then informed about the problem and advised to have the problem taken care of by a qualified technician.


Carbon Monoxide Detection

What is Carbon Monoxide?

Carbon Monoxide, also referred to as CO, is a flammable, colorless, odorless, tasteless toxic gas, produced during incomplete combustion of fuel – Natural Gas, Oil, Coal, Wood, Kerosene, etc.

How does Carbon Monoxide enter the home?

Carbon Monoxide can escape from any fuel-burning appliance such as a furnace, water heater, fireplace, woodstove or space heater.

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Natural Gas Cross Bores

Be Safe! Always assume that obstructions involve a cross bore.

A cross bore is defined as the intersection of an existing underground utility or underground structure by a second utility installed using trenchless technology. This results in an intersection of the utilities, compromising the integrity of either or both utility or underground structure.

In rare cases, our gas pipeline may cross through a sewer pipe. If a plumber unknowingly strikes a gas line while cutting through a sewer blockage, natural gas could enter the sewer system, creating a dangerous situation. For this reason, it is extremely important to call 811 before you begin any digging project to have all utility lines clearly marked.

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Heating Tips and Assistance


NEBRASKA CITY UTILITIES encourages winterizing your home to save on your natural gas & electric heating bill

With colder temperatures on the way, NEBRASKA CITY UTILITIES encourages its natural gas & electric customers to take some simple, low cost steps now to winterize homes and save money on heating bills by reducing natural gas and/or electric usage.

NEBRASKA CITY UTILITIES encourages homeowners to consider implementing some of these low-cost measures:

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