12/19/2022 PHONE SCAM

Nebraska City Utilities would like to notify our customers and the general public of yet another new phone scam that multiple customers have brought to our attention.

The scam involves someone contacting you by phone posing as your utility company (We know from some customers they have faked their caller ID), claiming a discount of $75.00 to our senior customers and asking for your bank account number and routing number. Please do not give this information out.

Our recommendation should you receive a call like this, no matter what the person sounds like or what the caller ID information says, that you hang up the phone and call us back (preferably during the business office’s hours of 8-4PM) and inquire directly with us.

When you do, please pass on as much information about the SCAM call as soon as you can so we can work to identify and eliminate the SCAM and its associated threat(s).

If you have any questions, please call our main number 24/7 at 402-873-3353, reach us by email at service@nebraskacityutilities.com, or reply using the “REPORT AN OUTAGE/PROBLEM” option on the located on our website’s main/home page in the right most column.